CarX for BMW 7 series

CarX/B7 is a Windows software for use in a car PC. It comes with the look and feel of the original BMW screens and can be controlled via the Original BMW idrive wheel and steering wheel buttons.

Prereqs: Full screen multimedia interface (like connexx), CANUSB Interface (order here), PC in the car, properly connected to car power etc. Read the manual for more information



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CarX/B7 comes with the following features:

  • Music in MP3, OGG, formats - will also show folder.jpg or other image on screen
  • Coverflow display and selection of music songs and albums
  • Video (all codecs supported: DivX, Xvid, MPG, MP4 etc etc)
  • POI (Speed trap warning - additional GPS-mouse required)
  • Automated drivers log (Microsoft Mappoint required)
  • Internet Access via Dial-Up or UMTS connection
  • Internet Browser with favourites and mouse control through i-Drive
  • RSS feed - select, download, read or have Microsoft-Speech voice read it to you
  • Google Earth interface (needs GE to be downloaded and installed on PC)
  • Control via original BMW wheel and buttons
  • USB Camera Interface - with snapshot function
  • Customizable: Use your own start screens and skins
  • CarX/B7 now comes using the BMW new 7 series layout

CarX/B7 can be downloaded as a test version. After 15 mins it will shut down. After testing you can order a license key here that will enable permanent functionality:

Order license key - 299 €


please note: the following images are artificial - to get an impression how it looks in a real car, check out the youtube video. Still that movie is not the best quality - so: download the software and test yourself :-)


CarX/B7 Main Screen





Main Screen - Alternative color skin (user configurable)



Main Screen - Alternative color skin (user configurable)




Music selection with coverflow look and feel - you turn the idrive wheel and this really flows... :-)




Music playing screen - cube rotates...




Drivers log: from the GPS signal CarX calculates City and Street

(using Mappoint) and writes them together with the milage into up to 2

parallel files for later processing with excel or so, to be used to prove

professional car travel to the finance authorities for tax deduction




Microsoft Mappoint also has in-built maps...




Video playing



Video playing - fullscreen



Video playing - on screen menue




Speed trap warning (POI)








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